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New Community Features in Lightning Learning

Here at Lightning Learning, we’re proud to introduce groups to our users. Now, you’ll be able to add your friends, join groups involving your interests, and share content among other users. Students and instructors alike can communicate each other to enhance the learning experience on this platform. To get started, create a new group or […]

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How to View AP Scores (2019)

Students around the country are checking their AP scores today either by logging into the official AP website or using a third party service to access their scores out of region. Students eager to see their Advanced Placement exam results can either wait until the designated time of their state or change the supposed location of […]

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AP Scoring Update

If you are heading into college this upcoming school year: Congratulations on completing high school and electing to take challenging coursework from the AP curriculum! If you have sent your AP test scores to a college, that college should have received your AP scores as of 6:30pm on July 30th. Scoring Distributions and Additional Information […]

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