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One of the biggest problems with self studying for any standardized test is finding a curriculum that is specifically tailored to the exam’s needs. Having self-studied AP Chemistry and received a max score of 5, I can understand that although there might be many great youtube videos out there, very few are organized in a sequential manner that will allow self studying possible. And, the playlists that are able to cover the vast knowledge required for the AP exam fail to provide students with the necessary coursework a traditional classroom provides.

The Free Online AP Chemistry Course seeks to change that through two important ideas: Curriculum and Practice.

There are 17 topics included in the course, and holistically, they cover all of the big ideas of Collegeboard’s AP Chemistry Exam in May. From Avogadro’s number to the Nernst equation, each topic has several video lectures. Most importantly, these lectures have a logical sequence to them, so you don’t have to end up spending 10 minutes searching for a 5 minute youtube video just to explain what an ideal gas law is.

Accompanying each of the 17 topics are problem sets. These problem sets were not created with the intent of wasting your time. Each topic will contain the main problem set, and an extra review problem set. Combined, it amounts to 70+ questions per topic, each all getting progressively more challenging and with solutions.

From the Author

Hi everyone! I have been a private tutor for several years with over 600+ hours of experience teaching not only chemistry but also physics, mathematics, statistics, and biology. If you would like to reach me for private 1-on-1 online tutoring, you can contact me through skype at: live:sunny.work.2002 or email me at [email protected]. I wanted to make this course for the kids who do not have the time or could not afford my private tuition. Enjoy!


Course Outline

Topic 1: Mathematical Foundation for Chemistry

AP Chemistry, Lecture 1: Units of Measurement
AP Chemistry, Slide Show 1: The Scientific Method
I am always open to talk! Whether it`s business inquiries to providing feedback, you can reach me here: [email protected]
That is still up in the air, as it depends if I could maintain this site through donations. If not, I promise that all existing users who enroll before Sept 3rd will continue to have full access to all the content and future content of the course.
This course is projected to be completed by September 3rd, 2019. By then, I will have made more problem sets, made solutions for all the problem sets, and make my own lectures.
This course is completely free. As development is in progress, the best way you can support me is to provide ongoing feedback throughout. Only thing required to enroll is an email. This won`t be used for spam emails, only for a way for me to learn how I can improve this course.
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