Welcome to Lighting Learning!

Our goal is to provide educational material, including but not limited to instructional videos, practice questions, worksheets, and text-based content. With all content, there is an intense focus on the brevity of the content itself and the efficiency in which the user learns the content. From this, numerous techniques and strategies are employed ranging from the use of a font proven by numerous studies to improve recollection and memory of text-based content to simultaneously providing visual aids, verbal information, and an instructor to the user in the instructional videos. Ultimately, the product is a suite of educational content unlike any other currently on the market, covering all the holes that current educational platforms currently have.


What you can do with Lightning Learning:

Online courses with full curricula.

Gain online certificates to be used worldwide.

Study efficiently with Lightning Learning.


What we offer

  • Unparalleled efficiency and brevity with our content.
  • Future-proof technologies (website powered by Vue.js).
  • Standardized curricula for AP courses and common core.
  • Trade courses to allow people to take on new skills.
  • Online Summer courses are a great way to gain qualifications.
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